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  • Greenock Morton Results

    Raith Rovers 2 - 2 Inverness CT
    Partick Thistle 0 - 1 Hamilton Acade…
    Greenock Morton 1 - 2 Arbroath
    Dundee 3 - 0 Queen's Park
    Cove Rangers 0 - 5 Ayr United
    Inverness CT 0 - 0 Queen's Park
    Hamilton Acade… 1 - 0 Greenock Morton
    Cove Rangers 2 - 2 Raith Rovers
    Ayr United 2 - 2 Arbroath
    Ayr United 1 - 0 Hamilton Acade…
    Arbroath 1 - 4 Inverness CT
    Partick Thistle 2 - 1 Greenock Morton
    Cove Rangers 0 - 6 Queen's Park
    Raith Rovers 1 - 1 Dundee
    Queen's Park 2 - 0 Partick Thistle
    Inverness CT 6 - 1 Cove Rangers
    Hamilton Acade… 0 - 1 Raith Rovers
    Dundee 2 - 4 Arbroath
  • Greenock Morton Fixtures

    Dundee 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Queen's Park
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Ayr United
    Dundee 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Queen's Park 19:45 Ayr United
    Inverness CT 15:00 Greenock Morton
    Partick Thistle 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Dundee
    Arbroath 15:00 Raith Rovers
    Greenock Morton 19:45 Dundee
    Queen's Park 19:45 Raith Rovers
    Ayr United 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Cove Rangers 15:00 Arbroath
    Inverness CT 15:00 Hamilton Acade…
    Hamilton Acade… 19:45 Inverness CT
    Raith Rovers 19:45 Ayr United
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Dundee 15:00 Inverness CT
    Arbroath 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Queen's Park

Results & Fixtures for Greenock Morton FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Greenock Morton. We also show the up and coming games. However, if you want to see the league position for Greenock Morton Football Club, click here.

Currently, Greenock Morton plays football in the Scottish Championship. The staff at the Fanbase wish every success to the club and the supporters, of course.

The club’s official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, the club came into existence in 1874 which makes it one of Scotland’s oldest football clubs. But, originally the club had the name of Morton Football Club. However, this changed in 1994 to their current name as they celebrate links to their home town of Greenock.

They play their home games at Cappielow Park in a blue and white strip. Indeed, they have played here since 1879. Today, the stadium’s capacity is a respectable 11,589 (2017 figures).

Morton has a solid core base of supporters who create a great atmosphere. Indeed, with a sizeable crowd, the noise is deafening, such is the passion.

Greenock Morton’s Nickname

Greenock Morton’s nickname is “The Ton” which seems to be a shortened version of Morton!

Club Honours

With such a long history, Greenock Morton has a healthy trophy cabinet. For example, the club won the Scottish Cup in 1922. Morton has been runners-up in the top tier of Scottish football. But they have won a combination of the minor leagues 10 times (up to 2017).


The club has a fierce rivalry with St Mirren, of course. If you support the club, which other team do you like to beat?

Greenock Morton Promotion

The Greenock Morton promotion campaign begins here at the Football Fan Base. Indeed, the Fanbase exists so that supporters can publicise their favourite football teams. However, Greenock is better than the rest isn’t it?

The best way to promote Greenock Morton at the Football Fan Base is to write some news articles. However, facts and figures always help. So, if you want us to correct this info page, send us some more information to work with. Once verified, we can adjust the page.

Greenock Morton Fans Forum

Besides the massive Soccer Blogs, we also have the Biggest Football Forums on the internet. Not only that but our extensive message boards also includes the Greenock Morton Fans Forum.

Therefore, on the Football Fan Base, we have the best of both worlds. So, will you be promoting your football team above the others here on the blog or forum? We hope so because Greenock Morton is the best football team in the world, isn’t it?

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