Correction Form


Correction Form

Is there something you would like us to amend here at the Football Fan Base, then use this correction form. Please refer to the notes below first though.

The above corrections form is for helping to correct our posts and pages, for general contact, use this form.

Correction form - glasses can help!

Your Football Team

Your football team is as important to us as it is to you because we provide public platforms for you. Therefore, we have a degree of responsibility to ensure that the information we provide is factual.

However, from time to time something may go wrong with the pages that our staff write. This is rare, of course, as we always try and verify the information before we publish it.

If you believe that some of the information we provide is not correct, then use the correction form above.

Spelling and Grammar

Perhaps, there is a spelling mistake or some grammar that you want us to put right on the Fanbase, let us know. We are fine with this because sometimes mistakes can happen.

Also, if we don’t correct our blog posts and pages when something is not right, this can have a negative effect on SEO. Since the Football Fan Base exists to promote your football team, then corrections will help promote your team. So, we are working hand in hand on this one!

User-Submitted Posts

Our Soccer Blog at the Fanbase is enormous and we allow users to post articles freely. The Football Fan Base is not responsible for user-submitted posts but we do have a level of security that does help.

Of course, we don’t expect the content from other users to be perfect. Indeed, we allow people to legally express their opinions in the way that they want. However, if any of our users’ posts be in desperate need of adjustment, then use the above corrections form above.

Join In

Helping us to keep a tidy website and network is good and we appreciate this but please consider joining in. Our Football Blogs are an ideal way to give a boost to your favourite football team. Also, our Football Forums are the biggest and best on the internet in which to have a little banter.

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