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    Arbroath 14:00 Inverness CT
    Raith Rovers 14:00 Hamilton Acade…
    Greenock Morton 14:00 Dunfermline At…
    Partick Thistle 14:00 Queen of the South
    Kilmarnock 18:45 Ayr United
    Ayr United 14:00 Arbroath
    Dunfermline At… 14:00 Partick Thistle
    Hamilton Acade… 14:00 Greenock Morton
    Inverness CT 14:00 Raith Rovers
    Queen of the South 14:00 Kilmarnock
    Raith Rovers 18:45 Dunfermline At…
    Arbroath 14:00 Partick Thistle
    Inverness CT 14:00 Ayr United
    Greenock Morton 14:00 Queen of the South
    Hamilton Acade… 14:00 Kilmarnock
    Ayr United 14:00 Raith Rovers
    Dunfermline At… 14:00 Arbroath
    Kilmarnock 14:00 Inverness CT
    Partick Thistle 14:00 Greenock Morton
    Queen of the South 14:00 Hamilton Acade…

Results & Fixtures for Dundee FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Dundee. We also show the up and coming games. However, if you want to see the league position for Dundee Football Club, click here.

Currently, Dundee plays football in the Scottish Championship. The Fanbase staff here hope the club and supporters do well in the future, of course.

The club’s official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, the City of Dundee has two big football teams. This page refers to Dundee Football Club only. The other big club from the town is Dundee United so if you wish to see details of that club, click here.

On this page, we will just use the name Dundee so as not to mix it up with United!

Of course, Dundee plays their games at Dens Park and the stadium has a capacity of 11,506. Despite the small capacity, the crowd does create a good atmosphere indeed.

Dundee FC Nicknames

Dundee has two nicknames:

  • The Dark Blues
  • The Dee

Club Honours

Dundee has won the top league in Scotland just once (fact up to 2017). They also have won the Scottish Cup once. However, they have won the Scottish League Cup three times. Dundee has been runner-up in many competitions.

The Dundee FC trophy cabinet is not short of a cup or two.

Club Rivalry

Dundee’s rivals are Dundee United which is their close neighbour. So much so that they are on opposite sides of the road, just 100 yards apart!

St Johnstone is also Dundee FC’s rival and the supporters love to see those get beat!

Dundee Promotion

Dundee United are getting loads of publicity at the Football Fan Base, of course. So, why not promote your football team instead?

Dundee FC Fans Forum

Are you going to allow Dundee United to have more of a say at the Fanbase? We are away that rivalry between the two main Dundee clubs is a friendly one but your football team is the best surely!

So, go ahead and check out our Football Forum, it’s the biggest ever. We also incorporate the Dundee FC Fans Forum within our message board.

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