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    Falkirk Results

    Hamilton Acade… 5 - 0 Queen of the South
    Montrose 0 - 0 Falkirk
    Annan Athletic 1 - 2 Hamilton Acade…
    Queen of the South 1 - 3 Kelty Hearts
    Edinburgh City 3 - 0 Alloa Athletic
    Cove Rangers 3 - 1 Stirling Albion
    Cove Rangers 1 - 0 Montrose
    Montrose 1 - 1 Annan Athletic
    Kelty Hearts 0 - 1 Cove Rangers
    Hamilton Acade… 5 - 0 Stirling Albion
    Falkirk 2 - 1 Edinburgh City
    Alloa Athletic 1 - 0 Queen of the South
    Edinburgh City 1 - 5 Montrose
    Cove Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton Acade…
    Annan Athletic 2 - 2 Kelty Hearts
    Queen of the South 1 - 1 Falkirk
    Stirling Albion 0 - 2 Alloa Athletic
  • Falkirk Fixtures

    Alloa Athletic 15:00 Annan Athletic
    Stirling Albion 15:00 Montrose
    Kelty Hearts 15:00 Edinburgh City
    Alloa Athletic 15:00 Hamilton Acade…
    Annan Athletic 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Edinburgh City 15:00 Stirling Albion
    Falkirk 15:00 Kelty Hearts
    Montrose 15:00 Queen of the South
    Cove Rangers 15:00 Alloa Athletic
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Falkirk
    Kelty Hearts 15:00 Montrose
    Queen of the South 15:00 Edinburgh City
    Stirling Albion 15:00 Annan Athletic
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Kelty Hearts
    Stirling Albion 15:00 Queen of the South
    Annan Athletic 15:00 Falkirk
    Cove Rangers 15:00 Edinburgh City
    Alloa Athletic 15:00 Montrose

Results & Fixtures for Falkirk FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Falkirk. We also show the up and coming games. However, if you want to see the league position for Falkirk Football Club, click here.

Currently, Falkirk plays football in Scottish League One. The staff here at the Fanbase wish the club and supporters all the luck in the world, of course.

The club’s official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Falkirk plays their home games in Falkirk Stadium. Indeed, they have played at this 7,937 capacity stadium since 2003.

Falkirk used to play their home games at Brockville Park but the club had to move. This is because they were never going to get into the Scottish Premiership with the state of the Brockville stadium.

The team plays its home games in a strip which is navy blue and white.


This famous old club, formed in 1876, has the nickname “The Bairns”. As well as Northern England, Scottish folk also uses the word bairn as a reference to a child.

Club Honours

Falkirk has won the second tier in the Scottish Football League system 7 times (2017 figures). However, they have never won the first tier, but they have been runners-up on two occasions.

The famous club has won the Scottish Cup twice and the Scottish Challenge Cup 4 times. Together with a host of minor trophies, Falkirk does have a decent history in the trophy cabinet.

Falkirk FC – Football Rivalry

Dunfermline Athletic are only 13 miles away from Falkirk, so are natural rivals.

Falkirk FC Promotion

Come and join in with the Falkirk FC Promotion here at the Football Fan Base. We exist so that all supporters can tell the world about their favourite football team. You can brag and boast about Falkirk as much as you like here, as long as you don’t go crazy!

Posting in the Soccer Blogs is one way to promote your favourite football team, of course. However, if you just want the staff at the Fanbase to update this Falkirk Information Page, let us know.

Falkirk Fans Forum

Not only does the Football Fan Base have an extensive blog here, but we also have a massive Soccer Forum. Indeed, our message boards also include the Falkirk Fans Forum. Now you can tell the world about your favourite football team on both of our platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and promote Falkirk Football Club in the blog or forum. If you don’t, then rival supporters will and your team will look insignificant! But it’s not, is it?

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