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About Us at the Football Fan Base website - footy is our name soccer is our game

This page is all about us here at Football Fan Base

About Us – Football Fan Base

The Football Fan Base website is pretty much self-explanatory. However, we will supply a little more information about us. We are all here because of football, or as the Americans call it, soccer. With this in mind, we provide current league tables, scores and up and coming games. Moreover, we are continually working on the site and update things regularly.

Our staff here at the Football Fan Base website, obviously have a lot of experience as webmasters. Indeed we are all football fans as well. Therefore, our enthusiasm for the game is second to none. Likewise, our vast internet experience ensures that we can sort out problems as they happen. With this in mind, we have a good team here at Football Fan Base.

It is our job to ensure that you get the best possible experience while you visit our websites. Therefore, we ensure everything here is current. As well as the normal things you expect to see, we have many other things going on.

We have current league tables for all English league clubs. Also, we have all Scottish league clubs too. Indeed, while our site is growing, we expect to add a lot of the non-league teams too.

Football Banter Forum

To cater to our visitors, we also have a community message board in which to interact more. The forum is also available for general use as well as the normal Football Forums. For example, the general off-topic lounge caters for those who just want a chin-wag about anything else.

The main forums are all about football. However, the direction of the forum is up to the members. We also have a ranking system on the Football Forum to encourage users to post regularly. In short, the more you post, the higher the ranking you will get.

To Sum Up

The Football Fan Base website is growing daily. With this in mind, bookmark our Home Page and come back often. Finally, join the Football Forums too and post daily. The automatic ranking system ensures that you will gain higher authority the more you post!

We hope you enjoy your time on our Fanbase Network.

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