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  • Alloa Athletic Results

    Raith Rovers 2 - 2 Inverness CT
    Partick Thistle 0 - 1 Hamilton Acade…
    Greenock Morton 1 - 2 Arbroath
    Dundee 3 - 0 Queen's Park
    Cove Rangers 0 - 5 Ayr United
    Inverness CT 0 - 0 Queen's Park
    Hamilton Acade… 1 - 0 Greenock Morton
    Cove Rangers 2 - 2 Raith Rovers
    Ayr United 2 - 2 Arbroath
    Ayr United 1 - 0 Hamilton Acade…
    Arbroath 1 - 4 Inverness CT
    Partick Thistle 2 - 1 Greenock Morton
    Cove Rangers 0 - 6 Queen's Park
    Raith Rovers 1 - 1 Dundee
    Queen's Park 2 - 0 Partick Thistle
    Inverness CT 6 - 1 Cove Rangers
    Hamilton Acade… 0 - 1 Raith Rovers
    Dundee 2 - 4 Arbroath
  • Alloa Athletic Fixtures

    Dundee 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Queen's Park
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Ayr United
    Dundee 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Queen's Park 19:45 Ayr United
    Inverness CT 15:00 Greenock Morton
    Partick Thistle 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Dundee
    Arbroath 15:00 Raith Rovers
    Greenock Morton 19:45 Dundee
    Queen's Park 19:45 Raith Rovers
    Ayr United 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Cove Rangers 15:00 Arbroath
    Inverness CT 15:00 Hamilton Acade…
    Hamilton Acade… 19:45 Inverness CT
    Raith Rovers 19:45 Ayr United
    Greenock Morton 15:00 Cove Rangers
    Dundee 15:00 Inverness CT
    Arbroath 15:00 Partick Thistle
    Hamilton Acade… 15:00 Queen's Park

Results & Fixtures for Alloa Athletic FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Alloa Athletic Football Club. However, if you want to see the league position for Arbroath FC, click here.

Currently, Alloa Athletic FC plays football in the Scottish Championship. The staff here at the Fanbase wish the supporters every success in the future.

If you need their official website, it is right here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Alloa Athletic is a football club in the town of Alloa, Clackmannanshire. Their formation was in 1878 and they went by the name of Clackmannan County, changing their name a few times from Alloa to Alloa Athletic over the years.

Club Nickname

Alloa’s nickname is “The Wasps”, which is a reference to its home colours of black and gold hoops.

Club Honours

Alloa Athletic have not managed to break the top Scottish teams’ domination As such, the club has only won minor honours. The trophy cabinet isn’t exactly bare though, because regionally, they have won many cups.


As far as football rivalry goes, nearby club Stirling Albion is the team that most supporters consider to be their rival.

Alloa Athletic Promotion

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Alloa Athletic Fans Forum

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