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Indeed, you can create a football website here.


Create A Football Website

Have you ever wanted to run your very own football website but didn’t know how? Indeed have you tried, then realised there is a lot more to it and gave up through all the hassle? Well, this is indeed where Football Fan Base steps in.

Firstly, we take the bother out of the system so you have peace of mind. We have all the back end security and we include the secure SSL certificate. In a word, the SSL is the green lock display in the address bar. Then we give you the tools to make and manage your very own football website.

Indeed, you also get the name Football Fan Base within your domain name for a more professional look to it. For example, say you support a football team with the name ‘Glory Man United’. Your website would become You can also see what our pages look like by going to our Home Page and having a flick through.

Secondly, our system has all the writing tools you need to start a unique football website. For example, you can highlight important texts and use various colours. You may upload images and also provide external links. What you get is a complete WordPress website, of course. But, you get all that without the need to buy a domain name or hosting services.

Platinum Membership

In short, to operate your very own football website here at Football Fan Base, you need to become a Platinum Member. Indeed, we operate on a yearly donation fee basis. So, to become a member, all you need to do is donate £19.99 by clicking the subscribe button here. This is a one-off fee which goes down to £14.99 every year after that.

This will of course take you to the secure PayPal checkout. After registering, you can create your football website once you tell us your chosen site name and email. Once you become a member you can create your very own football blog by clicking the button below.

VIP Members - Create Your Blog

FAQ – Create A Football Website

Q1) Can I use adverts on my website?
A1) Yes, of course, it’s your website to do as you please.

Q2) Are there any restrictions I need to observe?
A2) As long as you stay legal online after you create a site then everything should be fine. However, to ensure all websites have an equal chance, we have a full set of guidelines that members must observe.

Q3) If I have a problem, is there any help available.
A3) We have a help forum available specifically for this. However, our team can’t answer individual problems. But, posting blog pages is pretty much straightforward so we can’t envisage too many problems. Besides, we do take regular backups just in case.

Q4) Can I operate a football forum when I sign up?
A4) Yes indeed, we also provide you with the forum software. So, this means you can design your very own football forum too!

To Sum Up

All in all, we are sure you will agree that the benefits of becoming a Platinum Member are many. Create your very own football website with a great domain name, plenty of security and unlimited bandwidth.

So, join in today and create your football website as soon as you receive your activation details. Once again, to become a Platinum Member, click the subscribe button below on this page, then create a football website of your very own.

Finally, enjoy your stay at Football Fan Base, whatever you decide. Don’t forget to join in at our massive Football Forum and promote your favourite team or join in with the footy banter!

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