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Indeed, this is the Site Info landing page


Football Fan Base Site Info

This is the landing page that gives links to important site information. You can of course use the tabs above too. However, you may also click the following links for convenience.

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Site Info – Website Information

Indeed here at the Football Fan Base, we cover all matters to do with soccer. However, we also have a website to maintain and have various responsibilities. Therefore, this site info page gives links to sections that cover the boring stuff.

As well as all the above links, navigation of our Football Fan Base website is easy. For instance, you can access most parts of the website using the tabs in the site info bar at the top of each page. Because of the simplicity and ease of navigation, you have no need to look elsewhere!

Not only is our website easy to navigate, but it is fully interactive. In other words, you too can contribute. So, why not promote your favourite football team here!

User Interactive

Just to point out that there are loads of ways to interact with other football supporters.

Firstly, you can comment on any article on the Football Blog. Indeed, you may as well post your own blog post while you are there. This would kill two birds with one stone because you promote your football team as well.

Secondly, you can create a post in the massive Football Forum. Thirdly, you can create your very own Football Blog and promote your team exclusively.

While we promote free speech, please remember that if you are going to participate in any football banter, stay legal! Obviously, all your posts are your responsibility. However, just chill out, enjoy the beautiful game, be good and you will be fine.

Finally, consider making the Football Fan Base your home and bookmark our Home Page.

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