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    Tottenham Hotspur Results
    Manchester City 3 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur
    West Ham United 1 - 1 Crystal Palace
    Liverpool 4 - 3 Fulham
    Chelsea 3 - 2 Brighton & Hov…
    AFC Bournemouth 2 - 2 Aston Villa
    Newcastle United 1 - 0 Manchester United
    Nottingham Forest 0 - 1 Everton
    Burnley 5 - 0 Sheffield United
    Brentford 3 - 1 Luton Town
    Arsenal 2 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Fulham 3 - 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Everton 0 - 3 Manchester United
    Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 2 Aston Villa
    Brentford 0 - 1 Arsenal
    Luton Town 2 - 1 Crystal Palace
    Burnley 1 - 2 West Ham United
    Nottingham Forest 2 - 3 Brighton & Hov…
    Newcastle United 4 - 1 Chelsea
    Sheffield United 1 - 3 AFC Bournemouth
    Manchester City 1 - 1 Liverpool
    Tottenham Hotspur Fixtures
    Wolverhampton Wanderers 19:30 Burnley
    Luton Town 20:15 Arsenal
    Brighton & Hov… 19:30 Brentford
    Crystal Palace 19:30 AFC Bournemouth
    Fulham 19:30 Nottingham Forest
    Sheffield United 19:30 Liverpool
    Aston Villa 20:15 Manchester City
    Manchester United 20:15 Chelsea
    Everton 19:30 Newcastle United
    Tottenham Hotspur 20:15 West Ham United
    Crystal Palace 12:30 Liverpool
    Brighton & Hov… 15:00 Burnley
    Manchester United 15:00 AFC Bournemouth
    Sheffield United 15:00 Brentford
    Wolverhampton Wanderers 15:00 Nottingham Forest
    Aston Villa 17:30 Arsenal
    Everton 14:00 Chelsea
    Fulham 14:00 West Ham United
    Luton Town 14:00 Manchester City
    Tottenham Hotspur 16:30 Newcastle United


Results & Fixtures For Tottenham Hotspur FC

We list the results for Tottenham Hotspur as soon as the scores come in. We also have the up and coming games for the club. However, if you need to see the position of Tottenham Hotspur FC in the league table, click here.

Spurs currently play football in the English Premier League. The staff at the Fanbase hope that the club and supporters do well in the coming seasons.

The Football Fan Base exists for ordinary football fans to talk about their beloved team. Therefore, join in today and have your say!

Spurs’ official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club came into existence in 1882. So this means that the club has a very long history. But how well have they done over the years?

Most people don’t refer to the club with its full name, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, of course. Indeed, most people just say Tottenham or more likely, Spurs.

The club badge shows a cockerel standing on a football. In short, this goes back to the early days of Spurs’ formation.

Tottenham Hotspur is moving to a new football ground and currently play their home games at Wembley. This is because their old ground of White Hart Lane was not suitable for redevelopment.

The atmosphere at White Hart Lane was always electric, of course. So let’s hope they can recreate this at their new stadium.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Nickname

As we see above, Tottenham Hotspur’s nickname is Spurs. However, they also take on the name of The Lilywhites since they play in a white shirt.

Football Rivalry

The Spurs supporters have many football rivalries including:

The north London derby between Spurs and Arsenal is one to watch out for, of course.

Club Honours

Although Tottenham Hotspur is short of league titles their trophy cabinet isn’t exactly empty. On the contrary, it is rather full since Tottenham has won many cups.

Firstly, the Spurs have won the FA Cup eight times. Then the club has won the League Cup four times. The club did win the top flight on two occasions but those were in the fifties and sixties.

All in all, the Spurs’ trophy cabinet is still impressive.

Promote Tottenham Hotspur FC

As previously stated, the Football Fan Base exists to promote British football. So, if you are a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, you can also write about the club here.

In essence, we have the blog here and a massive Football Forum in which to talk about Spurs. Then, if you want to excel, you can even create a football website, especially for Spurs.

We include everything you need to help you create your website once you become a member. So, go ahead and promote Tottenham Hotspur FC here on the Football Fan Base.

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Forum

The Soccer Blogs here at the Football Fan Base are the biggest of their type on the internet. Not only that but our Football Forum is too. However, now we include the Tottenham Hotspur Fans Forum on our football message boards.

So, now there are no excuses, you can enjoy the football banter all day long. Go ahead and promote Tottenham Hotspur FC above the other football teams on our Football Forum. After all, Spurs is the best football team the world has ever seen, right?

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** Information updated on the 4th of December, 2017.

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