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    Livingston Results

    Hearts 0 - 1 Rangers
    St. Johnstone 1 - 0 St. Mirren
    Celtic 4 - 1 Hibernian
    Aberdeen 0 - 1 Kilmarnock
    Ross County 3 - 0 Motherwell
    Rangers 2 - 0 St. Mirren
    Hibernian 2 - 0 Aberdeen
    St. Johnstone 1 - 3 Celtic
    Kilmarnock 0 - 1 Hearts
    Motherwell 3 - 3 Dundee
    Ross County 1 - 0 St. Mirren
    Aberdeen 1 - 1 Rangers
    St. Mirren 1 - 0 Livingston
    Ross County 0 - 0 Kilmarnock
    Hearts 1 - 0 St. Johnstone
    Dundee 1 - 2 Hibernian
    Celtic 1 - 1 Motherwell
    Celtic 6 - 0 Aberdeen
    Livingston 0 - 2 Rangers
  • Livingston Fixtures

    Aberdeen 16:00 Dundee
    Livingston 15:00 Ross County
    Aberdeen 15:00 Hearts
    Livingston 15:00 Hibernian
    Motherwell 15:00 St. Johnstone
    Rangers 15:00 Dundee
    St. Mirren 15:00 Ross County
    Kilmarnock 12:00 Celtic
    Celtic 15:00 Hearts
    Livingston 15:00 Kilmarnock
    Ross County 15:00 Dundee
    St. Mirren 15:00 Motherwell
    St. Johnstone 15:00 Hibernian
    Aberdeen 19:45 Livingston
    Rangers 19:45 St. Johnstone
    Celtic 15:00 Livingston
    Dundee 15:00 Aberdeen
    Hearts 15:00 St. Mirren
    Kilmarnock 15:00 St. Johnstone
    Ross County 15:00 Hibernian

Results & Fixtures for Livingston FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Livingston. We also show the up and coming games. However, if you want to see the league position for Livingston Football Club, click here.

Currently, Livingston FC plays football in the Scottish Premiership. The staff at the Fanbase wish the club and supporters every success in the future.

The club’s official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Livingston Football Club came into existence during the war, in 1943. But then, it was a works football team with the name of Ferranti Thistle. However, they entered the Scottish League system in 1974.

At the same time, the club also changed its name to Meadowbank Thistle. Then, they played their home games in the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh. However, the club went through a relocation process similar to Wimbledon FC. Although they didn’t move as far as the old Wombles did.

During the 1974 shakeup, they moved to Livingston, which is 15 miles away from Edinburgh. Naming the club after the town was a natural progression for the club.

Livingston indeed plays their home games in a black strip at the Almondvale Stadium. The capacity of the ground is 8,700 and supporters can generate a decent atmosphere. This is not bad after their short evolving history.

Livingston FC Nicknames

Livingston FC has two nicknames:

  • Livi
  • The Lions

Club Honours

The club has won the three lower leagues in the Scottish League system. Indeed, Livingstone has won the Scottish League Cup in 2004 as well.

Together with a host of minor honours, Livingston has done well in such a short amount of time. Indeed, their trophy cabinet looks fine.

Livingston FC Promotion

Progressing through the leagues is what it’s all about, of course. However, you can promote Livingston FC in the Football Fan Base just like other supporters do. There are many ways to get your points over.

Firstly, you can reply to the football posts on the Soccer Blogs. Secondly, why not create your very own football posts? Thirdly, if you want us to improve this Livingston FC Info Page, drop us a line. Once we verify your facts and figures, we will update things.

Livingston Fans Forum

Not only do we have the massive Soccer Blogs here at the Football Fan Base, but we also have the best message boards around. You can enjoy the football banter with other footy supporters 24/7 now. Incorporated within our bulletin boards is the Livingston Fans Forum as well.

So, now you have the best of both worlds. Indeed, you should start bragging about your football team here at the Fanbase. If not, then other supporters will place their football team higher up than yours! As we know, Livingston FC is the best team in the world, right?

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