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Rules of the Football Forum:

To begin with, we need a few rules to allow the free flow of the Football Forum here at FHQ. However, we don't intend to bog everyone down with red tape or over-guidance. On the contrary, we leave it up to the individual football fan to act responsibly. Therefore, just a reminder to act within the law and chill out as much as you can. Also, users may like to read our Privacy Policy too. So, to the rules of the Football Forum:

01) Your posts are indeed all your responsibility in their entirety and you are liable for their content.
02) You must also act within the law of your country while on Football Headquarters website.
03) We do not allow porn or links to it - adult images are fine as long as they are legal.
04) Likewise, we do not allow extreme images or links to them.
05) We do not allow too much copy and pasting in posts so ensure they are all your thoughts and opinions.
06) Football banter is also fine as long as its friendly banter. In other words, no bloody on board fighting!
07) Please try and encourage people to stay at the Football Forum. In other words you must not make them feel unwanted.
08) Since we allow young teenagers to join the Football Forum, try and keep your language in order. In short, would you speak like that in front of your children? If so, then it is possibly acceptable here.
09) Not too important, but we find that a new line for each new sentence is better.
10) In short, also use the appropriate categories where possible.
11) It is good practice to stick a date in the post when reporting on a football match but we don't enforce this.
12) When you join this Football Forum from the FHQ, you agree to abide by any rules we have here. Also, you agree to check them regularly for adjustments or additions.

To Sum Up

Obviously, most people of the world call the beautiful game by its correct name, ie football. However, some folk from around the world refer the the game as soccer. Therefore, should anyone refer to this forum as the Soccer Forum, that's fine. Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay here at the Football Forums. In fact, bookmark the main Football Fan Base Forum page and call back regularly. Indeed, the ranking system is in place to encourage you to post regularly. Obviously, the more you post, the higher the ranking - simples.