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Privacy Policy

Football Forum - Privacy Policy In Brief.

Obviously, we want all our members and visitors to feel at ease while using the Football Forum. With this in mind, we have a comprehensive Privacy Policy that is easy to understand. However, here we will only outline some main points so we don't duplicate the policy in full. However, click this link for the main Privacy Policy in full at the Football Fan Base website.

01) This Football Forum, like most websites, also uses cookies for better user experience.

02) Any personal information you supply to us stays with us unless you say otherwise.

Obviously, the above points are the ones that concern most users when they visit websites. In order for our members and visitors to have faith in us and continually return, we provide various promises. Indeed, the Football Fan Base website takes your privacy seriously. In effect, we value our visitors and aim to provide the best information possible while preserving your privacy.

To Sum Up

Finally, should you choose not to read the privacy policy in full, that's fine as its rather long. However, we hope that our brief outline helps. With this in mind, please enjoy your stay here at the Football Forum. In short, bookmark us and make this place your home and thank you for your faith in us.