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All about us - Football Forum and Football Blogs

To begin with, this is the massive Football Forum from the Football Headquarters (FHQ). Indeed, the Football Fan Base network has many angles. Firstly, we have the Football Blogs and then there is the Football Forum. They work together to bring current football information and for better interaction between football supporters. So, we shall look at both here starting with the forum:

Football Forum

Obviously, the Football Forums here provide an ideal opportunity to promote your football team. In view of the fact that this is a public forum, then anyone can register. So, it makes sense to join as soon as possible. Indeed, get your team in the limelight like others are doing. After all, its your team, flaunt it.

The Football Forum is massive and indeed covers all subject matters. For example, we have a general football lounge for literally anything to do with football. However, we also have separate forums in which to post like the English Premier League Forum. We also have the English Championship Forum and we cater for the lower leagues too. Indeed, we have forums for Scottish football, Welsh football, women's football and non-league football too. Likewise, we have forums for cup competitions and even international football also. In other words, the Football Forum allows anyone interested in football to have a say. Furthermore, if you support a specific team, let us all know in the forum.

Above all, have your say in the Football Forum because if you don't, others will!

Football Blog

Apart from the biggest Football Forum here, we also have a Football Blog too. There, we have platform for the much larger, in-depth football posts. Indeed, anyone can join in and you don't even need to be a member either. All you need to do is click on the 'Submit A Post' tab and post your article. Indeed, we couldn't make it any simpler. However, please ensure that you post is all your own work as copy and pasting is not acceptable. So, basically if you want to promote your football team, the Football Blogs is an ideal platform.

As well as submitting a football post on the Football Blog, you can go one step further. Indeed, you can even host your very own Football Supporters Blog or news site. In other words, we provide the unlimited hosting, security and domain name. Therefore we take the pain out of this procedure. In effect all you need is a little creativity to design your own website. So, if you wish to start up your own football blog, look no further than Football Fan Base.

Apart from the above, we also provide much information about the individual leagues and teams in the UK. Indeed, this includes current football results, fixtures and league tables. However, the Football Blog provides much more, pop over and help us promote your footy team!

The main website Home Page address of the Football Fan Base is -

Finally, bookmark us and make the Football Headquarters your first home for Footy.