English Premier League

Indeed, this is the English Premier League Table and Information page.

    English Premier League Table
    # Team P
    1 Arsenal 36
    2 Liverpool 34
    3 Aston Villa 32
    4 Manchester City 30
    5 Tottenham Hotspur 27
    6 Manchester United 27
    7 Newcastle United 26
    8 Brighton & Hov… 25
    9 West Ham United 24
    10 Chelsea 19
    11 Brentford 19
    12 Fulham 18
    13 Wolverhampton Wanderers 18
    14 Crystal Palace 16
    15 AFC Bournemouth 16
    16 Nottingham Forest 13
    17 Everton 10
    18 Luton Town 9
    19 Burnley 7
    20 Sheffield United 5

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English Premier League

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English Premier League – To Sum Up

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English Premier League - up-to-date information page

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