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Results & Fixtures for Dumbarton FC

On this page, we show the results and fixtures for Dumbarton. We also show the up and coming games. However, if you want to see the league position for Dumbarton Football Club, click here.

Dumbarton FC currently plays football in Scottish League One

The club’s official website is here.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Dumbarton came into existence in 1872. So, they have a very long history.

The club plays its games in Dumbarton Football Stadium which has a capacity of 2,000. Although not a unique name, the supporters sometimes call it The Rock. However, sponsorship can see a change in the name from time to time.

Plans for a new stadium for Dumbarton are on the table after only 15 years of using their current one!

Before this stadium, Dumbarton played at Boghead Park. They were at Boghead for 121 years. Indeed, this is a record in Scotland for any professional club playing on the same ground.


Dumbarton’s nickname is The Sons, of course.

Dumbarton FC Rivalry

Dumbarton FC’s rivals include the following football teams:

Dumbarton FC Honours

With such a long history and a proud name, Dumbarton has won many honours. For example, they have won most of the major leagues. Also, they have won the Scottish Cup and a host of other minor cups.

Dumbarton Promotion

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Dumbarton Fans Forum

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Our platforms here at the Football Fan Base are always up-to-date and we welcome you to join in. If you don’t promote Dumbarton FC, who will?

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