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    Crystal Palace Results
    Crystal Palace Fixtures
    Brentford 19:00 Arsenal
    Manchester United 11:30 Leeds United
    Burnley 14:00 Brighton & Hov…
    Chelsea 14:00 Crystal Palace
    Everton 14:00 Southampton
    Leicester City 14:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Watford 14:00 Aston Villa
    Norwich City 16:30 Liverpool
    Newcastle United 13:00 West Ham United
    Tottenham Hotspur 15:30 Manchester City
    Liverpool 11:30 Burnley
    Manchester City 14:00 Norwich City
    Aston Villa 14:00 Newcastle United
    Leeds United 14:00 Everton
    Crystal Palace 14:00 Brentford
    Brighton & Hov… 16:30 Watford
    Southampton 13:00 Manchester United
    Wolverhampton Wanderers 13:00 Tottenham Hotspur
    Arsenal 15:30 Chelsea
    West Ham United 19:00 Leicester City

Results and Fixtures For Crystal Palace FC

Of course, we show the results and fixtures for the Crystal Palace FC here at the Football Fan Base. However, if you need to see the position of Crystal Palace in the league, click here.

Currently, Crystal Palace plays football in the English Premier League.

The Football Fan Base here allows football supporters everywhere to have their say. So, if you are a Crystal Palace fan, come and have your say!

The Crystal Palace official website is here.

The Club, In Brief

Crystal Palace Football Club came into existence in 1905, the same year as Chelsea. So, Crystal Palace FC is also a relative newcomer to English football. However, they do have a good history and a very loyal fan base.

Selhurst Park is where Crystal Palace Football Club play their home games. The capacity is around 26,300 and the atmosphere is brilliant once full and on song.

The club did have plans for a new stadium but later decided to redevelop Selhurst Park instead. All in all, any other football fans didn’t like moving to new stadiums. So, hats off to Crystal Palace for remaining at their historic ground.

Crystal Palace FC Nicknames

Crystal Palace FC has two nicknames:

  • The Eagles
  • The Glaziers

Football Rivalry

Crystal Palace’s rivals consist of Millwall and Charlton Athletic of course. Bizarrely, Brighton & Hove Albion are also Palace’s rivals and they are 40 miles away. This is because they contest the M23 derby. Indeed, football can be a little strange at times!

Club Honours

Crystal Palace has floated around the leagues quite a bit and this has allowed them to make their mark. Indeed, the club has won the second tier in English football, currently The Championship. But they have been runners-up in many other leagues and have come third in the top flight.

Promote Crystal Palace

Of course, without the internet how else will others hear of your football team? Well, the Football Fan Base allows supporters everywhere to promote their beloved football teams.

So, join in with us and have your say on Crystal Palace FC. In essence, you can use these Soccer Blogs or our large Football Forum. You can also make a complete Crystal Palace website here.

Crystal Palace Fans Forum

The Football Fan Base has grown so big over the years that our bulletin boards were not keeping up. Therefore, we now have the biggest Football Forum of its type on the internet. We also include the Crystal Palace Fans Forum on our message boards now.

So, what are you waiting for? Crystal Palace is the best team the world has ever seen, right? Well, join in today and tell us all about it! Finally, enjoy your stay here at the Football Fan Base and good blogging!

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** Information updated on the 4th of December, 2017.

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