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Results & Fixtures for Accrington Stanley FC

The Football Fan Base brings you the Accrington Stanley FC results service together with a fixture list above. However, should you wish to see the current league position for Accrington Stanley, click here.

Currently, Accrington Stanley plays in English League One. The staff here at the Fanbase hope the club and supporters have much success.

Accrington Stanley’s official website is here.

The Football Club, In Brief

To begin with, Accrington Stanley is a Lancashire football club that came into existence in 1968. Therefore, in terms of professional football, this team is the baby of the Football Leagues. However, there was an original Accrington Stanley Football Club dating from 1891. But, that club went into liquidation in 1966 after playing in the Football League between 1921 and 1962.

In 2006, Accrington Stanley won promotion to the Football League after winning the Conference League.

Accrington Stanley plays their home games at the Crown Ground or Wham Stadium. The capacity of the stadium is around 5,000. The atmosphere can be dynamic at times from the loyal core fans.

The team plays their home games in a red strip, of course.

Club Honours

Although the main honour was winning the Conference League, the club has won a host of minor honours. Their trophy cabinet looks pretty decent considering their young age.

Football Rivalry

All in all, rivals of Accrington Stanley are:

Accrington Stanley FC Nicknames

The club has two nicknames:

  • Stanley
  • Accy Stanley

Accrington Stanley Promotion

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Accrington Stanley Fans Forum

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** Information updated on the 4th of December, 2017.

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